175/65R14 82T KRUIZER 1 NS800


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175/65R14 82T KRUIZER 1 NS800



  • Balanced wear performance with basic performances
  • Low CO2 emission
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Optimum grip with well-balanced wet and dry braking performance
  • Excellent wet handling
  • Low noise emission
  • Smooth and comfortable ride

This latest addition to the Kruizer 1 series family is a well-balanced performer for your everyday drive. Developed using the latest tyre making technologies such as low rolling resistance coefficient (RRC) and Silverstone’s Advanced Micro Beta Silica, the result is a tyre that is quiet and provides good fuel economy yet does not sacrifice on its grip. Coupled with high molecular polymer, its durability is further enhanced. Kruizer 1 NS800 is indeed an all-round well-balanced tyre for your everyday drive.

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