1. Scope Of Warranty

This warranty claim policy applies to Passenger Car Tyres, Light Truck Tyres, Truck Tyres, Industrial Tyres and Agriculture Tyres (excluding Motorsport Tyres) bearing the name of brands’ with approved serial numbers which were manufactured within FIVE (5) years.

Any warranty claim must be supported with evidence of manufacturing defect whereupon tyreshoponline.lk reserves the right to reject any warranty claim for lack of evidence in support of manufacturing defect.

2. What Is Not Covered In This Policy

  • Tyres damages by road hazards (kerbing damage, cuts, snags, punctures, bruises, impact breaks and etc.), chemical exposure, fire, accidents, corrosion, vandalism or any other natural causes.
  • Tyres damaged due to improper inflation pressure or usage of unsuitable or faulty rims, valves, tubes and flaps or having been run flat.
  • Tyres with premature or irregular wear or tear due to:
    1. Improper handling including overloading, improper inflation pressure, non rotation of tyre position, wheel imbalance and etc.
    2. Vehicle faults including defective components, improper suspension, alignment or misalignment, faulty shock absorbers or brakes and etc.
  • Tyres damaged due to improper mounting or other abuse.
  • Tyres damaged due to wrong application, modification, racing, motorsport or other illegal activities.
  • Tyres worn up to 1.6 mm or less of remaining groove depth.
  • Tyres which have been retreaded or repaired or regrooved.
  • Tyres noise due to irregular wear.
  • Tyres suffered flat spot while immobile.

3. Exclusion

All obligations or liabilities for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle or other incidental or consequential damages are excluded.

4. Obligations

  • All customers or owners must present the tyre for warranty claim together with the vehicle on which it was used to an authorised tyreshoponline.lk agent.
  • Any cost of mounting, balancing, alignment and other service charges are payable by the customer or owner.

5. Conditions

  • The verification and final judgment of the claim tyres’ warranty shall be made by tyreshoponline.lk’s representative or person authorized by TyreShopOnline.lk.
  • The computation of the amount for compensation will be calculated on a pro-rated basis, based on the effective remaining groove depth subject to a minimum of 1.6 mm.
  • All compensated tyres which have been claimed shall become the property of TyreShopOnline.lk.


1. Scope Of Warranty

All products sold on TyreShopOnline.lk are 100% genuine and have different warranties as per the respective product specification. Manufacturer of the product (Exide, Amaron,) is solely liable for any promises and warranties made out on the said product. And the manufacturer's decision over the warranty claim shall be final and binding to the customer.

Please Note: No warranty claims will be entertained without the ORIGINAL WARRANTY CARD & INVOICE COPY. However in some cases if the manufacturer does not provide Warranty Card, then only the INVOICE COPY has to be preserved for Warranty purposes.

2. How To Claim Warranty On Any Product During The Warranty Period?

  • Make sure you have the original bill & warranty card.
  • Warranty card is necessary for warranty claim, in case of loss of warranty card the respective manufacturer has the right to reject the said warranty claim.
  • Call the customer care no. of the respective manufacturer and provide details related to your product and the problem you are facing.
  • The manufacturer's service team will schedule an inspection to diagnose and resolve the issue. If the on-site service is not available then the manufacturer may guide you to the nearest authorized dealer/distributor.
  • You'll need to present the original bill & warranty card and handover a copy of each to the service personnel.


1. Scope Of Warranty

TWS warrants to the original purchaser that these products will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and intended use for a period of 12 months from the date of retail purchase. Painting defects are limited to a 12 month period from the date of purchase. Chrome plating defects are limited to a 36 month period from the date of purchase. Surface rust, pitting or discoloration is a direct result of improper maintenance and is not covered by this warranty. TWS’s sole and exclusive obligation under this warranty shall be to repair or replace at TWS’s sole discretion, without charge, any product that does not conform to this above warranty and is returned with a copy of the original sales receipt or satisfactory evidence of date of purchase, to the dealer whom the product was originally purchased or to TWS. Such repair shall not include incidental charges such as removal, installation or shipping. In no event shall TWS be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages. Wheels replaced under warranty will be covered for the duration of said warranty from the original date of purchase only.

2. This Warranty Is Void If:

  • Corrosion or damage occurred due to improper maintenance, refer to Wheel Care Instructions below for correct wheel maintenance
  • Damage or structural failure occurs as the result of road conditions or an accident
  • Damage or structural failure occurs as the result of racing applications or willful abuse
  • Damage occurs due to neglect or adverse weather conditions
  • The wheels have been altered or repaired
  • Improper mounting, excessive vehicle loads, and incorrect tire sizes This limited warranty is the express warranty given by TWS and in lieu of other warranties, whether written or oral. All implied warranties, including, without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, shall be limited in duration to the duration of this warranty. The warranty expires upon transfer of title of any TWS products by the original retail purchaser. The above named products are not designed to be mounted with any accessories or adapters, etc., other than those supplied or approved by TWS and any damage caused by any such other accessories or adapters is not covered by this warranty.

3. Wheel Care

Wheels should be cleaned by hand regularly to remove contaminants like road grime, salt, ice/snow melting chemical, dirt, and brake dust. Automatic spray and touch free car washes do not completely remove contaminants, these can cause harm to the finish, hand washing is highly recommended. Many areas of the country use road salts and chemicals during the winter months that can cause adverse effects on your wheels, it is recommended to clean more frequently during this season. Failure to do so may greatly reduce the life of the product. Avoid using automatic car washes, the cleaning agents and brushes used to clean tires can damage the wheel surface. Never wash your wheels when they are still hot from driving. Do not attempt to cool hot wheels with water, this may cause damage to the finish and can warp the brake rotors and/or drums.